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Uplifting the Human Spirit in 2012 and Beyond

Uplifting the Human Spirit in 2012 and Beyond All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

Hello, how are you today? It is a pure pleasure to come to you in this manner. Elliott is one of the individuals on planet Earth who we are using at this time in humanity’s history to bring universal truth and guidance to all of you. It is important for you to know that none of what we send to you in this manner comes from the mind of Elliott. He — Elliott, that is — is not conscious during the times that we come. When we are speaking through his physical being, he does not recall or remember anything that has been spoken of or that occurs during that time frame. If we come and type on the computer, he is not aware of what is being written. After we leave his being in the way in which we come, he is able to review what has been set forth by us.

What Is Happening on Earth in 2012

By now all of you should be able to discern that the mass consciousness is shifting and changing. People all over your globe are raising their personal vibrational level. More and more are seeking answers to questions that perplexed them in the past. More people are understanding the channeling process. More people are realizing that each of you at one time or another channels us. More people are eating healthier and taking better care of themselves. All of this has to do with the future, as you understand the term.

Now, the raising of mass consciousness also affects the tolerance level for situations that many have accepted previously. Situations on your Earth, such as those that were accepted in the Middle East until recently — dictatorships and the mistreatment of women — will no longer be tolerated by individuals or the masses. The changing tides of higher consciousness bring with them more humane conditions. We are telling you this in an effort to keep you up to date on why certain things occur on your planet. The protesting and recent political upheaval that has happened and is still happening now all have to do with the universe insuring that equilibrium will spread on your planet.