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Riding the Spiral of Evolution

Riding the Spiral of Evolution Source through Nana Hendricks

Around and around we go, where we stop, only God knows. Spinning spirals, this is how the energy flows. From your DNA helix to the planets’ orbits around the Sun, you are in a spiral of evolution and it is affecting everyone. Understanding the spiral will help you all ascend with greater grace and peace within.

Instead of thinking of time as linear, imagine a spiral of light traveling around your spine. See it connecting to the DNA spiral that is inside of you and spinning out energetically all through your molecules. This will give you an idea of how time really unfolds and how your DNA holds all the stories of your soul. You are that spiral of light. In all past, present, and future memories, the spiral of light within your DNA holds the keys to unlock your unlimited potential, to set your spirit free from what really binds you to a third-dimensional time-and-space reality.

The current state of your third-dimensional reality is going through a major shift in the spiral of evolution into more of a lightbody reality beyond time. This is going to open you to your multidimensionality, where you understand yourselves beyond one realm of existence. Your soul is limitless; it is everexpanding light. You are not limited to your physical body. You can soar to greater heights of knowing and being than you can when limited to your physicality. You just have to clear your senses and tap into that light inside, find the spiral, and ride.