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The Return of the Messiah Consciousness to All Religions of Earth

The Return of the Messiah Consciousness to All Religions of Earth The Pleiadian/Sirian Downloads through Abby Isadora Haydon

The changes in frequency of the planet have now made it possible for the energy of the messiah, the Christ consciousness, to now manifest on the Earth plane. This is coming about due to many different factors. One of the major factors is that inhabitants of the Earth are now able to receive this energy frequency in its totality.

The Messiah Is Coming for All Races, Sects, and Philosophies

To be clear: The messiah is not limited to one human being, it is not limited to one nation or religion, although each religion will probably feel that they are the chosen race, religion, or sect. But the criteria for experiencing the messiah has nothing to do with the religion into which you were born. It has nothing to do with where you live on planet Earth. It has to do with the preparedness of your soul body, the readiness of your psyche, and the openness of your emotional and spiritual bodies to experience and receive this energy into your being.

The messiah is here for all races, sects, and philosophies. These worn-out configurations do not prepare you for receiving the messiah into your being. What will prepare you is the desire to be free of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and false concepts that have taken over the past 2,000 years.