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The Process of Evolution in the Four Bodies

The Process of Evolution in the Four Bodies Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Good day, dear ones. This is Dwahl Khul. We are here to serve and aid you, and we wish for you to understand that when you are looking at the process of evolution, you’re looking at something that goes on regardless of whether you pay attention to it, regardless of whether you understand what it is, and regardless of any way in which you would assume that you are involved. It is a process that is ongoing; it has no beginning, no end, and more than anything, no particular goal.

Attempting to understand the process of evolution requires you to look at the pieces and parts that result in evolution, identified as the stages or steps of transformation. Transformations have a before and an after. You can sense who and what you are in one stage of experience, and you can sense that who and what you are at a different stage of experience has changed. The most profound element of transformation is change.

Those of you who have experienced our first teaching about one life and the path of return know that the initial input, which becomes an imprint at a point of origination, is fear. And you’ve understood that there’s a very innocent quality of fear that can be identified as that which enables you to know that change has taken place. In other words, you feel fear at that point of individuation, at that place where you’re creating a lifetime and you’re moving into an incarnation, because change has taken place. The fear, in this most innocent understanding, is just the knowledge that change has taken place.