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A Major Cosmic Event opens the Heart

A Major Cosmic Event opens the Heart Michelle Karén

There will be a lunar eclipse (full moon) in Sagittarius (14º14’) on Monday, June 4 at 4:12am. This degree is symbolized by the Sabian symbol of “the groundhog looking for its shadow on Groundhog Day, February 2.” Eclipse months always herald major shifts. Whatever is said or done on an eclipse day tends to be final. According to popular wisdom, when a groundhog emerges from its nest and sees its shadow, it retreats back for another six months of hibernation. This particular eclipse announces that we shall be drawn to countries and old civilizations that feel like home and nurture our evolution. Our faith in life and in ourselves will know a new vigor. Our optimism and enthusiasm will open unexpected doors and help us perform miracles.

Venus remains retrograde until June 27. This month it travels from 18º50’ to 7º29’ Gemini. In the Sabian symbols, the image associated with this last degree is: “Aroused strikers surround a factory.” A relationship we thought was lost could resurface, giving us a second chance to turn past challenges into future opportunities. We could better understand the meaning of love and how to live the balance of the masculine and feminine within ourselves and with another. We are more clearly at cause in our romantic relationships, conscious of our emotional dynamics. We shall experience all of the above throughout the shadow period that lasts until Venus returns to the exact same degree as when it started its retrograde motion, until July 31.

There will be a very special cosmic occurrence this month: the Venus transit on Tuesday, June June 5 at 6:10pm. This is a major cosmic event that happens only every few centuries in groups of two, each separated by eight years. The last time we experienced this was in June 2004. The next time will be in December 2117. Astronomically it corresponds to the passage of Venus between the Earth and the Sun, thus casting its shadow on the great luminary. The Sabian symbols say of 16º24’ Gemini: “The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.” On both a personal and collective level, this could herald a major opening of the heart, leading to compassion and the deep understanding that everything we do to another we do to ourselves. A portal is opening on this day that brings into our dimension a quality of love, beauty, and harmony that we have never experienced. The concept of world peace could more than ever become a real possibility. Our spiritual maturity is becoming more tangible.