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Let No One Lead You!

Let No One Lead You! Metatron through Lois Noonan

Let your heart be the indicator for what resonates with you. Trust it will never be shocking. Always and in all ways you will recognize a thread of love that is binding you with truth and love to the source of All That Is! With this kind of trust available to all souls, how can we fail? The secret is learning what to trust. You must not lie to yourself or change the message in any way. Then you would be manipulating and the message would become false.

Are we far enough along on our journey to recognize when we trust and when we distort? Often it is a very fine line, and the challenge is that you have to recognize it. Don’t ask someone else what they think. The information is based on your makeup and what you think. By now, dear ones, you do know when you are lying to yourselves. Meet it face on! Who are you kidding? Your honest thoughts produce your highest good. I repeat: Your honest thoughts produce your highest good. You can add that to the Ten Commandments. This wording will be helpful, undistorted, and a tremendous gift. Congratulations and blessings, too!

These transition times are few and far between. This does not mean that souls have to wait to transcend, but in this heightened atmosphere, you have a better chance of catching on. The energies in the present time are the exception. Add to this the speed of communication and the wealth of wisdom that is available to all souls. Of course, you know the key to participation: It is your choice. It is directly up to you — no strings attached. Know that the opportunity is always available.