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Expressions of light

Expressions of light Thoth the Atlantean through Lois Hartwick

It is always a pleasure to greet your gathering, to see your faces and energy after you have done the anchoring light, for it is a transformative measure whether you are aware of it or not. Your auric colors are different, your beings are soothed more than they were when you came in here, and there is change in your own mental processes to some degree as a result of working in this manner. Also recognize that, as we have talked about in the past, there is clearing that occurs not only for you but the Earth herself, and this presentation of light stimulates and allows for that process to happen. It is a cosmic shower that you essentially receive each week when you participate. So having said that, I am always pleased to see the transformation and the changes that take place as a result of these exercises, and I will look forward to the time when these will spread to other areas of your world.

Release through Your Four Bodies

In the meantime, let us get on with the subject at hand, for I have much to discuss with you today. Each of you has been thinking, at one point or another, about some of the karmic situations you may be carrying within your physical being. Some of these are expressed in actual physical manifestations. For example, someone might have a birthmark or some particular aspect of their being that came forth and was noticeable in this lifetime. One might stutter, wear eyeglasses, or have some other noticeable attribute missing or more prominent than normal — if you can speak about anything being normal on Earth, but you know what I am referring to.

And then there are also the different bodies beside your physical body, such as the emotional, the spiritual, and the mental bodies. So when you think about the karmic things that you would like to release, or at least a portion of something that can be released, I want to remind you to go through these four bodies. Think about this in a larger sense than perhaps “Well, I’ve had difficulty all my life with a family member and I am very aware of that, and it is a karmic situation I’d love to not have to deal with to the same degree anymore.” Rather, think about it from the presence of all your bodies. Do this in a meditation and, going through each one, ask, “What is it that would be highest and best for me to release in this particular area of my body?”