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Exposing the Ego and Attaining Naked Awareness

Exposing the Ego and Attaining Naked Awareness Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you again as planet Earth enters the sixth month of 2012. As many of you are noticing, this year is proving to be a most interesting year. May the amazing and powerful energies encircling Earth at this time be dedicated to bringing healing at all levels: personal, familial, social, national, and global. Use well the amazing array of energetic emanations that are surrounding and penetrating the planetary field. May grace continue to enfold you, may wisdom be utterly abundant, and may healing growth accompany your every step.

Spiritual Advancement Is an Active Process, Not a Passive One

My teachings to you this year have been dedicated to sustaining a focus on advanced spiritual development, particularly regarding enlightenment and ascension. Clearly, the goal has been to offer an opportunity for stretching the boundaries of consciousness for those who are committed to the process. The idea, of course, is to demonstrate that the mind has a much greater capacity for functional elasticity than might simply occur to an aspirant in the normal flow of spiritual growth. To this end, we have tackled a number of the mind’s sacred cows, as well as venturing into the realm of mystical awakening.

At times, these lessons have provided a fairly taxing workout for the conceptual mind. A few of you lost interest altogether somewhere between the first and second lesson, perhaps feeling the learning curve was too steep. Some among you merely found the teaching interesting, while others of you studied diligently to grasp the perspective of the enlightened mind. As for the ascension piece, by now most of you are probably aware that I am not a proponent of the theory that ascension is simply a shift in consciousness that will come along for everyone in due time.