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Embracing Our Feminine Energies and Creating Lasting Change

Embracing Our Feminine Energies and Creating Lasting Change Donna Taylor

With many people’s eyes fixed on December as the month to watch, we could be in danger of overlooking June, which looks like a month of great importance from an astrological point of view. In the first week alone, we have a lunar eclipse, swiftly followed by the Venus transit of the Sun. It’s this Venus transit that holds enormous potential for an evolutionary shift, as it is not only a once-in-a-lifetime event but also occurs in the sign of Gemini, which in esoteric astrology is ruled by Venus, not Mercury.

Healing Our Heart Chakras

Even more interesting is that in esoteric astrology, Gemini is the sign governing human evolution. With Venus downloading an ocean of love and feminine power into the hearts of men and women across the globe, this is confirmation of the death of the old patriarchal domination. It signals the beginning of the end of competition, violence, hatred, and separation. The Venus transit in Gemini is the return of the Christ consciousness in female form and invites us all to embrace the beauty of the feminine energies. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to heal our hearts, and any pain or ailments around the heart area — lungs, chest, breasts, middle to upper back — are showing us that our heart chakra isn’t fully functioning and is ready for healing.

As Venus transits across the face of the Sun on June 6, take a few moments to meditate on your heart chakra and perform any necessary healing. This would be a wonderful day to have a session with a healer since the energies will be so strong. This is also a good time to focus on your relationships and demonstrate your love as well as work to heal any rifts. Although Venus will be offering a universal message of love and peace to everyone, she has a special message for each of us based on where she is in our charts. I have focused on this transit for the first week of your forecasts, although bear in mind that this is a Sun-sign forecast, and for more insights into how the Venus transit will influence you, you will need to know what she’s doing in your natal chart too.