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Elven: Architectonic Guides of the Great Shift

Elven: Architectonic Guides of the Great Shift Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today we are speaking about the Elven world. This is the third time I have covered this topic in this forum, but it is worth repeating, given the Elven role in this great shift in consciousness. The Elven are expanded humans, so to speak. As humans, you have two-stranded DNA that is active and focused on this fear-to-love journey, and you use about one foot of the six feet of it and call the rest junk. The Creator never gives you junk. Your scientists simply do not know what the other strands are for, so they call them junk.

In your so-called junk DNA, you have an activation that makes you aware of your Elven heritage. The Elven are born with at least eight fully functioning strands of DNA, and they use at least four feet of it. I say “at least” because that is all they want you to know about. The Elven are giants among your human race. They live hundreds of years and are considered children until they have been in the Elven world for forty to sixty years.

Elven Magi, Warriors, Healers, and Goddesses

Your scope of understanding the universe is about 6 percent. In other words, you can see only 6 percent of your universe and you think that is all of it. What is the other 94 percent like? Well, the Elven have a pretty big share of it because they have already gone through a shift. The Elven are magi, warriors, and healers. Every Elven is a healer and a member of the magi class, meaning they have magical powers beyond your imagination. The last time a big band of Elven warriors was on the Earth was roughly in the sixteen hundreds, during the different frays in the European continent. The warrior is the energy between the magi and the healer. The magi and the healer balance the warrior energy.