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Being the Master and Guide

Being the Master and Guide Rhonda Smith

June 2012 (29/[11]) ends this quarter of harvesting with the energies of the spiritual light messenger who is also a spiritual teacher who has come to assist in the evolution of humankind. It is necessary to maintain your inner balance so that you are constantly connected to your higher guidance for direction, which you will receive through insights, revelations, and visions. This vibration will assist you to understand that true mastery involves leadership of yourself in order to serve others. Your goal for this month is to be the enlightened mediator who understands duality in the necessity of details while balancing that duality and ultimately rising above it.

June 1 to June 2, 2012 (52/7)

You begin this month with a two-day period of energies that may feel like an internal earthquake. You may meet challenges that will force you to revise your position and adjust to major changes in your environment. These changes bring new opportunities and new experiences, so tune in to your higher guidance and stay balanced so that you can clarify and confirm your true purpose.