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Ask the Angels

Ask the Angels the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

Words of the Angels

Truth above all things must be instilled in you, become part of you, as if there were no other way of thinking, no other way of behaving. Though it’s necessary to not be swayed by anything other than the establishment of fact, fact must make way for ethereal possibilities, for unexplainable occurrences can and do exist.

When a holy angel of God appeared before me, illuminating the entire room, speaking in the softest, sweetest voice and materializing into a living being before me, my mind had to comprehend the intensity of the experience. “This is happening! This is an actual, indisputable fact!” The astonishment overwhelms as the mind correlates this as irrefutable proof of the existence of angels.

She touched me on the forehead and told me I had been chosen to receive and transcribe the words of the angels. When the words flowed freely, I’d grab a pen and paper to record them. If I would think of a question, it would be answered for me.