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Allow the Transformation to Begin

Allow the Transformation to Begin Red Eagle through Therese Dorer

Channel’s Note: The vision I see is a wide open space. In the forefront is a tall Native Chief dressed in buckskin; on his head is a full headdress of eagle feathers. He stands by his horse, and the horse is drinking water from a clear, clean pond. The sun is setting and the glow from the sun illuminates the landscape. The vision suggests that after a long ride, the chief is giving his horse a refreshing rest.

The Current Era is Dying So a New Day Can Be Born

Sons and daughters of Mother Earth, it is with great joy I come forth this day to speak with you, be with you, and pray with you. The vision I have shown my sweet sister Therese is a metaphor for all of you. You have come to the end of a long ride and you are on the cusp of new beginnings for yourselves and for Mother Earth. You, my fellow travelers, have journeyed a long way to be where you find yourselves to be this day, and I suggest you pause and drink deeply from the waters of rejuvenation. The sun is setting on the Earth and evening approaches. As one era dies so a new day can be born, it is time to ponder and reflect as the sun sets in the west.

In the teaching of the medicine wheel, the west is the land of the dying sun, a place you are encouraged to die to the old and prepare for rebirth. Over the years we have spoken with you of the importance of releasing your doubts, worries, and fears, and we are pleased with the progress and awareness you have gleaned over the years, months, and days.

Today is a good day to die! I encourage you to die to the old, allow the transformation to begin, and align your energetic body with the shifts of Mother Earth.