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Nurture the Process of Becoming a Butterfly

Nurture the Process of Becoming a Butterfly Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The karmic destiny of humanity, specifically the world’s hopes and dreams at the original founding of the United States, now reveals the imbalances, limitations, and unintended outcomes from the past two centuries. Those who believe they know what is best for the people they see as less than use flagrant misrepresentations of truth designed to influence and manipulate outcomes in disempowering ways and will manifest all these incongruities. This will facilitate the discovery of a wiser relationship with themselves and those within their community, calling for the full and intimate expression of balanced reciprocity in all feelings, thoughts, and actions and with All That Is.

The Past Will Surface to Be Healed

With the Moon’s north node in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto square Mars in Aries, and Vulcanus in early Leo, the light of truth of the Cosmic Mother of All Creation will shine through the energies of Ma’at whose feather of truth is currently being balanced on the karmic scales of creation with all human hearts as well as those of the devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, integral, and Creator kingdoms. Ancient transgressions buried in annals from times long past and times yet to be (as measured from the current timeline of this twenty-first century) will rise to the surface from the depths of the ocean of the cosmic flow.