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The Nature of Prayer

The Nature of Prayer Heather Robb

There is no doubt that my prayers have always been answered. They were not answered necessarily in the way I expected, but they were answered in ways that were appropriate for my needs at the time. Perhaps my higher self knew this even if my consciousness did not. I think that we have to understand prayer as a holistic response to our needs and not just as an immediate response from Spirit or God (or whatever name for the Divine you choose to use).

This speaks of asking. What about serving? How many of us offer prayers or meditations for others? How many times have we united with others for world harmony and peace? When my son was young, he told me, “Man was important on Earth as he was a manifestation of God with God’s work to do.” I can only guess how that wisdom came from my four-year-old, but I do believe that we are manifestations of Spirit or God, a part of the whole. As we give to Earth and others, we give of ourselves out of selflessness and a need to serve; thus, I see we are the prayer.