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The Light Bulb of Consciousness

The Light Bulb of Consciousness The Essene Brethren through Kira Raa & Sri Ram Kaa

Beloved ones, it is a great moment as each person celebrates the presence of another with clarity, joy, and reverent up-lift-ment. “Reverent up-lift-ment” is an energy and a process. It is a recognition and an understanding. It is all as it encompasses the one. Reverent up-lift-ment is beyond the conceptual mind of density. It is the gift that ignites as one surrenders all understanding through the mind and the ignition of the inner gift of transparent connection at all times.

What does that mean? Reverent transparency arises through the process of up-lift-ment. Thinking of up-liftment limits up-lift-ment. Be upliftment! Then you become one with up-lift-ment. Reverence becomes joy, and joy becomes reverence.