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Leave a Trail of Light in Your Wake

Leave a Trail of Light in Your Wake Observer and Scientist of the Heart through Steve Rother

Observer: Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer. I join you this day with great pride, for there are things moving on your Earth that you may not be familiar with. Yes, there’s quite a lot taking place right now. It’s an exciting time to be on planet Earth, and your space has been reserved. You’re going to see things moving more quickly now. So brace yourself, get ready, and enjoy the ride! Above all, know that this is a beautiful game. The game is now a little bit different, and you’re playing a part that may have more effect than you could possibly know.

You’re on to something, you know. It’s a magical time on planet Earth to do all of it. The Scientist will explain some of the science and physics of the Esayoto. He will explain how things are considerably different in the higher ranges. Re-member, you’re not alone. Yes, there is quite a lot of chaos on planet Earth right now. In some ways, dear ones, you should consider that to simply be a distraction. Keep your eye on the ball; keep your eye on your heart. Together, we’ll work with the magnetic energies of planet Earth.