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Freedom Is a Choice

Freedom Is a Choice The Goddess of Liberty through Maureen St. Germain

This is the Goddess of Liberty bringing you good news, great celebrations, opportunities, and more. I wish for you to understand that freedom is a choice, and your freedom is happening right now by the choices you make. Liberty means different things to people. As the Goddess of Liberty, I wish to remind you that this isn’t just about the nation of America; it is about everyone’s ability to choose. Some of you may feel trapped.

Some of you may feel like you cannot move forward because you are so locked down. And my response to you as the Goddess of Liberty is to say no one can control your mind. You have power and the ability to use your mind to satisfy your needs and work with your obligations and your physical requirements. Even when you are completely locked down, your freedom of mind is still present. We remind you of this so that you will focus on what you have freedom over. In this way, you will attract more freedom