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Be the World’s Silent Prayer Partner

Be the World’s Silent Prayer Partner Mother Mary through Donna Ferri

I would like to enlist your help to heal this world and assist people who are on the path of soul evolution. I will teach you to employ the emerald ray because this healing truth and scientific prayer is part of a worldwide effort. By it, we will lift this planet back to sanity, sweetness, and kindness. These are requisites for the coming golden Age of Aquarius. I assure you that when you ask me, I will make you part of this process and teach you the art and ethical modality of positive thought transference.

What is prayer as thought transference? You accomplish this when you supply specific types of affirmations that heal our world. You make scientifically worded statements and then project them to the souls of humankind in general, and then their minds, as the outer extensions of their souls, receive this hope as an answer to their prayers for help. Their higher minds activate your prayer and use the statements that apply to the soul. Soul by soul, this creates a momentum of good energy to replace an old and dying culture of fear