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Awaken to Your Glorious Potential as a Multidimensional Being

Awaken to Your Glorious Potential as a Multidimensional Being The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

What the universe is asking of you at this time is at once the most difficult thing you will ever have to accomplish and the easiest thing you’ve ever done. You are called to release everything that does not serve the greater good and embrace your essential self that lives in union with all life. In other words, you are called to let go and let God so that you might awaken to your glorious potential as multidimensional, luminous human beings.

divine human blueprint that is unfolding in the created universe here and now. Then your DNA shifts accordingly, and your body will want nothing but to follow your heart until your body and mind are aligned. The perfect balance between the heart and higher mind is a very high vibration for your planetary body to be on. It is like a high-wire act. It takes getting used to, and of course, the preset trajectory does not see you headed for the clouds. It sees you firmly rooted on sacred ground while coming down from the clouds.