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The Four Faces of Fear

The Four Faces of Fear Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Is this time with Spirit something you look forward to? I would hope the answer is yes because you’re purposely reading this. Have you ever wondered if those on the other side of the veil feel the same? I will tell you: There are those who stand in line on the other side of the veil, figuratively, to be here with you.

Channeling is like an opening in the veil. Some of you now realize that it is an opening where love can pour through because you are receptive to it. Dear ones, we look forward to this! It’s a different perception, is it not, and one you might not have thought about before. Literally, we are here to see you. This perception has been part of my partner’s experience for all the channelings he has ever done. When he sits in the chair and the greetings begin, he feels a sense of relief and release that the door has opened between us. Human and Spirit walk together between the worlds so that the love can pour in, the instruction sets can be cognized, and the wisdom can be felt.