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The Dream of Truth

The Dream of Truth Saint Germain through Natalie Glasson

I, Saint Germain, extend to you greetings and love. It is an honor to be in your presence today. I bring forth the magic, the love, and the truth of the Creator to shower down on you to support you in your current existence on Earth. You are traveling through a most beautiful ascension process; everything is blossoming at this time. It is a time to be consciously aware of everything taking place within your being, around you, and connected to your spiritual path. We ascended masters wish to assist you in achieving this. In your everyday reality, encourage yourself through your thoughts to be conscious and aware, alert to everything occurring within your being and around you.

I wish to speak with you about the energy of truth. “Truth” is such an expansive word. It can describe something general, yet as a spiritual being walking your ascension pathway on Earth, truth is something that is remarkably close to your heart and soul. It is very meaningful to you. It is your power, and it is a reminder of your connection with the Creator, supporting your expression of the Creator.