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Compassion Culminates a Joyous Life

Compassion Culminates a Joyous Life Quan Yin through Cathy Chapman

Beloved ones, I share with you joy and, yes, compassion. When you are in joy, you do not need compassion, but I also share compassion with you. Wrap the energy of that word around you. Some of you do not have a physical person to tell you that you are beloved. You are beloved no matter what you have done or where you are on the spiritual spectrum. It is only on this amazing planet that humans like to categorize whether one person is more beloved than another or more knowledgeable than another. We have no such demarcation, because everyone is beloved.

You might look at the pain on Earth and wonder if everyone tries to do good. Some people are victims of sex trafficking. Do those who perpetrate stealing people — children — try to do good? They might have lost what is good in their hearts when they were young. Yes, they tried, and then they were overcome.