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Clear Your Path to Ascension

Clear Your Path to Ascension The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Greetings, dear ones of planet Earth. So much has transpired from behind the scenes of what is going on right now on your planet as well as right in plain sight. Humanity has endured so much over the past year. We commend you for being steadfast in working on yourselves and your ascension as well as assisting your brothers and sisters by explaining what is taking place on the world stage, whether they choose to listen or not.

You all have free will to make your own choices. As outlined in A Course in Miracles, you are advised that you can always choose again if a choice you have made is not in your highest good, whether that means taking action or clearing your fears and emotions. Remember, your planet is a learning forum. It is a school of hard knocks, if you will.