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Alchemy of Integration

Alchemy of Integration Beloved Elohim of the Five Crystal Rays through David Christopher Lewis

We come in the radiant morning light, the Elohim of the eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth rays. We perform through your hearts, one with God, the alchemy of integration and union with Source where all that is less than perfection is released and where divine reality is embraced within the totality of beingness through that ray of integration.

You are moving through cosmic cycles of life and light in which accelerated love is required to meet the exigencies of the hour. Truly, it is incumbent upon you to give the fullness of your enlightened state to the planet for what transpires in this hour. When you let go of the lesser self and embrace your greater God self, you move into higher fields — the divine beingness within the integrating energies of spirit. As these transform you day by day and hour by hour, we, the Elohim, cocreate with you again and again a new sense of beingness in God through energizing your spiritual vehicle: your four lower bodies and all your higher bodies of light