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You Have a New Duty: Be Kind and Forgiving

You Have a New Duty: Be Kind and Forgiving Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Zoosh.

You, as citizens of Earth, have a duty. Perhaps it’s surprising to some of you that you have a duty you don’t know about, although others of you are working on it and find it’s rather fulfilling. Your duty is to be kind and forgiving toward yourself and the mistakes you feel you’ve made in the past with friends and family. Sometimes that’s a little harder with people you don’t know and have never met but have opinions about. This might seem frivolous to you at this time of extremes when something that is normally just flu season has blown up into a hugely tragic affair. Small arguments between governments cannot be easily solved and the economy gets ruined.

In short, things that were manageable in the past have become totally out of control. You might reasonably wonder, “What’s this all about?” This channel has discussed it before through various beings. Earth decided some time ago that she had to look out for herself. This is something she set aside to welcome you and all human souls to join other life forms on the planet. She did not wish you to demolish other life forms, but rather to join in benevolently.

She recognized that because you don’t remember who you are in the greater spirit diorama of your repeated lives in one place and then another, you would be an exception. This means you might walk along stepping on ants and not really think anything of it. As a child, you might have walked along, stepped on ants, and apologized, saying, “Oh, I’m sorry,” or maybe another reaction. I’m picking ants as an example because almost everyone will step on an ant unintentionally without even knowing about it most of the time. On this planet, you experience life in an extreme way compared to how you’ve all experienced it in the past and in your other lives on other planets, other dimensions, and so on.