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You Are What Is Changing

You Are What Is Changing The Divine through Sara Wiseman

What is changing is you. The chaos you are now experiencing — the virus, the politics, the economy, the lockdown, and all the ways the world seems to conspire to block you from living as you once lived — none of this has been created outside of you. The world has not changed of its own whim; that is not how the law of attraction works. You have created this, as an individual soul and as a soul collective, because you know you must change.

Right now, some of you are experiencing your own reality, some of you are experiencing the reality created by the collective, and some of you are experiencing both of these together. This is also how things will unfold: Some of you will live in one dimension, some of you will continue in the dimension created by the collective, and some of you will exist in both dimensions at the same time. It is difficult to realize that you have created this chaos, yet it is so. You create your reality, and collective soul creates collective reality. Depending where you are in your understanding, you experience one, the other, or both of these.

As you become more aware, you become clearer. You can now see clearly that all the things you believed would make you happy — the distractions, addictions, busyness, overconsumption, and overentertainment — are false comforts. In the past, you turned to these false comforts over and over again, but you easily see now that none of them can provide you with the sustained feeling of peace and joy that you truly seek. They have never provided you with the sense of meaning you truly desire. You know this now, and you also know why.