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Wholeness Creation Story

Wholeness Creation Story Tonya Godin

There is much talk lately about embracing and nurturing the Divine Feminine in order to balance the power scales. I agree with this, and I add that there can be no balance without awareness of the whole picture. This includes the Divine Masculine in thought, heart, intention, and dialogue. Through remembering and embracing balance in all aspects, the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental realms are focused and in harmony. Within the microcosm and macrocosm of feminine and masculine energies, we are all and one. Each of us has a unique perspective and gift to offer the whole. Healing is coming on a global scale, as humans experience true openhearted balance. The male and female archetypes create together in unison.

Birthing a blended insight is necessary. The ancients’ long-rooted wisdom is reintroduced, unwittingly dug up by fracking, explosions, and deep-core gouging. Wisdom is being released from the core of Mother Earth. The ancients have awoken, forcing us — some kicking and yelling — to awaken at our cores. Many messages are coming for those awake enough to hear. I received the following messages in dream time journeying. Some just dropped in like raindrops falling from the sky. How you wish to interpret this is up to you, as we all walk in our own beauty, each a puzzle piece of the interconnected whole.

Dream time teaching: A black bear of awesome power and strength walked on two legs toward me. I knew her strength and the ability she possessed to strike me down. As she approached, I stood my ground and waited. The bear went down on all fours and lay at my feet. She then rolled over on her back, inviting me to rub her belly. As I did, I felt surges of reverence for her, and love surrounded me. A dark hummingbird hovered overhead off to the side. I took note of the hummingbird, knowing he also was spirit and healing.