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The Unbreakable Connection

The Unbreakable Connection The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

When people are disconnected from the creative source within them, they often do not see life’s bigger picture. They do not see unity and what is best for the many. Instead, they frequently act out of fear, perceiving only a small part of the world and doing what serves their own interests and agendas. In this narrow frame of mind, influenced perhaps by religion or politics, prejudice and unbridled judgment abound. Compassion and clear thinking are often lost in the chaos of ego-driven minds.

Once again, we have come to a time in history when religion is changing, which means that humankind will also be making some changes in how it understands religion. You have to look no further than the present-day Pope, an extremely aware soul, to see how significantly this new energy is manifesting. Outside organized religion, more and more people are seeking other ways to define what God is and is not. The established ways of worshipping no longer serve the spiritual interests and expanding awareness of an increasing number of people.

Religion comes in all kinds of packages. These consist of prescribed beliefs and rules of behavior honoring specific traditions and holy days as well as engaging in time-honored rituals and sacraments. All religions pray and speak of God with their different dialects through the stories of their holy ancestors. In these stories, proverbs, sacred texts, and many indigenous teachings, the one God of everything is called by many names but is still the one-and-only God that everyone pays tribute to in one way or another.