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Is There One Oneness?

Is There One Oneness? The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the first souls who came to Earth. Our consciousness is an important guiding system for human evolution. We love sharing subjects with you that we believe play an active role in your collective consciousness — such as consciousness and oneness.

We are aware that humans have a tendency to hang on to the meanings of certain words. Several words you commonly use in your language have different levels of meaning that you tend to forget or are not even aware of. As a consequence, these words often create confusion. Without giving you a list of such words, we give you two important examples that relate to this sharing: consciousness and oneness.

In your reality, you often use the words “consciousness” and “awareness” interchangeably. You even say that you are conscious when you are awake or when you come out of anesthesia. From our perspective, we call that awareness. You are aware of your environment. You have a certain awareness of certain subjects. We define awareness as that part of the potential consciousness you use in the Gaia-consciousness construct. That awareness is only a fraction of what consciousness can be.