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Set Aside Your Devices

Set Aside Your Devices The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Greetings, dear one. You are a beautiful, pure spirit. From our vantage point, you emanate such beautiful waves of color. Planet Earth is like a light show for us of varying degrees of vibrant color. With the new consistent energies streaming in day after day, so much change is taking place on your planet. All of creation is being uplifted and re-morphed, so to speak. Nothing will ever be the same.

We would like to place your attention on anomalies in your weather. Why do you think the weather is so vastly different and oftentimes so overly destructive, from years gone by? The main reason is that your planetary weather is being manipulated, in part, by the ruling powers that be. Fires, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, and so on, are often created, or should we say manipulated, to be more severe than usual. We are not saying this is always the case, but it is a big part of it.

These powers buy up land to further their gains and line their pocketbooks, and they create fear because fearful people are more easily controlled. The thought patterns of these dark ones are about destroying and devastating lives so that the previous owners give up and walk away, often due to not having insurance coverage for disasters. These darker souls come in and purchase land for far less than market value to develop for their own gain. They have no moral concerns as to whether they are taking away another’s home or livelihood. It is all for greed and personal gain.