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Seek God and Find Truth

Seek God and Find Truth Dr. Robert W. Walker

The past few months have been challenging for everyone around the world. Our society, after centuries of stability and growth, has seen an instant paradigm shift that no one expected. We all know that society, as we have known it, is going to change dramatically. What the end looks like is still just a spiritual potential and will depend on everyone’s thoughts and actions as we go forward into this new world.

This brings us to the question of truth. When we are born, we bring in pieces of God’s spirit as well as personalities that make us unique from everyone else on Earth. The personality, which is also a gift from God, has an ego that governs our survival and happiness. We are born into families that belong to unique cultures, and this forms our belief systems in our mental bodies, including beliefs in truth. In addition, we develop beliefs in our own truths. With all these truths floating around, what is truth?

If we look around the world, we see leaders and their supporters saying that their truths are the only ones that matter, and any truth that does not agree with their truth is false and “fake news.” Societies, for centuries, have used cultural beliefs for truth to establish governments to rule their people. Usually those in a society who hold truths that don’t agree with the governing organization are often treated as the enemy and relegated to quietly exist in the culture. In the past, societies existed for the benefit of a few people who used their truths to control the masses, and these societies were usually based on monetary systems.