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A New Way of Life on Earth

A New Way of Life on Earth Goddess Tara through Karinna Nielsen

Greetings. We’d like to talk about a new way of life for you on Earth. Time and space opens as you shift from one dimensional focus to the next. It won’t happen from one day to the next, but there will be many active openings in your awareness of love on a higher level.

What do I mean by a new way of life? Is this some sort of lifestyle change — a new way of eating or moving into a new abode? What I am referring to goes way beyond all that. It is a new frequency of love expanding within your heart — a rising vibration that allows you to understand that what you thought was love is evolving into a new feeling of love without limits. It calls you to feel more and more love for yourself, for others, and for beautiful Mother Earth.

This is a four-body expansion of who you know yourself to be in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Your concept of self and others will begin to shift as you gain a new awareness of the oneness of all life. Love will prevail on Earth in many new and dynamic ways as you raise your frequency of love, releasing anger, guilt, and all limits to your awareness, and truly embracing your core light of Creator love.