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New Earths Are Coming Soon

New Earths Are Coming Soon The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Can you please review how love’s bio-cell bonding works in the multidiversity of the light vessel?

Quantum masters, there is apprehension and excitement about the quantum changes your light has illuminated on the surface of your world for the planetary reset and awakenings of the New Earth worlds. You have front-row embodied seats for the greatest shift that has ever occurred in the cosmos. Your Earth is the flash point for a new bio-human species in a vessel of light. Your old Earth genetic universe has yielded the effects of the new DNA consciousness as the inoculant for any unnatural, distorted, or misqualified energies, and that multidiversity is your planet’s greatest strength. Indeed, your planetary reset is underway in economics, cyber-ware, bio-astro organics, transponder technology, meta technologies, and star-sun resets with all the New Earth exoplanets. Included as well are changes within the new Homo sapiens lightbodies, along with understanding energy essence heart-relatedness.

Preparation is already underway to move from global to multiverse citizenship. You will become the antidote for the next viral consciousness, which will be humanity’s choice between becoming a global heart light network of bioorganic life or just a global technological mind.