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Life in the Physical on Earth

Life in the Physical on Earth Various Beings through Rae Chandran

Rainbow Warriors: We of the light realm are known as the Rainbow Warriors. We have been on this orbit of the galaxy for quite some time monitoring Earth and its inhabitants, as well as nearby planets that have life forms. Many planets have life forms similar to yours, one is the newly discovered planet named Kepler-56. Our role is to keep the contamination of one planet from spreading to others.

Each planet produces energy and materials that can be very harmful to inhabitants of other planets not used to the atmosphere where the contamination came from. We have been doing this for more than a millennia. Each planet has several guardians and advisors, and we all work in harmonizing the planets at all times. There is also a council of elders who advise the guardians about the planet’s spiritual evolution.

Call on us in your sleep time or in your meditation to join with our energy. This will open your chakras more fully, as our bright light will penetrate deeply and harmonize your chakras. There are specific points in your body — namely the elbows, hands, knee joints, shins, backbone, and medulla oblongata — that contain specific energy you have brought from the stars. We will assist you in opening these if you call on us.