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Karma Burned by Collective Fire

Karma Burned by Collective Fire The Council through Eva Satell

We are so happy to see you at last. We have been waiting. The energy you have felt is the energy carried by a thousand horses, and it has burned through your karma. There is nothing from your past that binds you or slows you down. The chains have been cast off.

This virus is like a great fire burning through the collective karma of humanity. You see Earth enveloped in darkness, for the smoke of the great fire obscures all light. Your Earth has been on fire, burning for centuries, but it has just now reached an apogee. Know that you cannot prevent this fire, as it is a result of many actions forced on Earth by your collective. It might seem like this is the end of the world, but it is only temporary and will pass. The sun will rise again and the great skies will be clear.

You are feeling scared and uncomfortable, and you want to run away. But there is nowhere to go. Do not turn away and shut your eyes. Be a witness, fully present. Your eyes must receive all. Your heart must feel the emotions as one. If you continue to see yourself as separate from others and from Earth, you will perish. Your physical form on this planet will perish, swallowed by the abyss of your making.