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The Healing Gift of Crystals

The Healing Gift of Crystals Dr. Raja Merk Dove

This article presents a future vision where every home, office, and barn has a healing laser in its midst. Lawanna, a ninety-four-year-young spiritual advisor and Sedona Journal author whose name in Cherokee means love writes a love letter every day of her life, and today’s letter is as follows:
The Gift of Laser

“Yes! Life is unfolding! The more I open to good-God gifts, each day I find new ways to give my body a treat. Every day I use the violet flame to surround myself from head to foot. I now add a new dimension to healing and purifying myself with a special healing laser gift to use on my feet and legs, which are usually filled with pain. It was given to me by a friend for my birthday. Now, because of this good-God gift, I am free of pain! Life is so exciting! Every day is filled with good-God gifts and opportunities to live life with love. Go with love!”
— Lawanna