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he Secret Wisdom of Animals: Loki and Daisy

he Secret Wisdom of Animals: Loki and Daisy Kim Malonie

Chelsea: Hi, Kim. Thank you for taking the time to listen and for your support. We truly appreciate you. Once upon a time, five-year-old Loki was the best dog ever. We brought him into our lives when he was four months old. We already had an adopted dog, Daisy, who was six or seven at the time; she is now thirteen. Everything was great. The dogs played and cuddled, and Daisy became like a mother to Loki.

Time passed, and my husband and I split up for a few years. I moved out with my daughter and he stayed in the same house in the country with both dogs. I still visited the dogs regularly, and because I still had a good relationship with the ex at the time, I was around them often. They are the loves of my life, so I thought leaving them where they were familiar was in their best interests. I also didn’t want to split them up by taking just one with me.

After spending almost three years living in different houses with my daughter, I moved back home. One dog, Daisy, is a runner. She chases cars and approaches people without permission. We needed to have peace of mind and decided to install a fence. After we put the fence up, Daisy barked a bit more than usual and seemed a bit more protective. Loki never seemed to react to anything. He was never a barker or a runner, and he stays close to us at all times. So this was more an issue with Daisy.