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Grow into Freedom

Grow into Freedom Lynn Buess

The world is slowly emerging from the human-made, global-mess nightmare. Even mass consciousness is waking up to the fact something dreadfully wrong has come to the world, due to forces whose intent might not have the best interest of humanity in mind. Informed sources are now concerned about the greater danger of a COVID-19 vaccine and an even more troublesome second wave or new strain. Many eyes are on Sweden to see how the virtually unrestricted nation comes out of the global scourge compared with the innumerable acquiesced nations.

Pundits speak of a new paradigm and a new world that will emerge. There is talk of a new world order being implemented in a dehumanized AI world of technocracy, control, and catastrophe. Alternatively, a second-thread timeline shows emergence from a dark and controlled world into one of freedom to express the light in quantum harmony with shared distribution of resources and a more balanced economic system.

A soon-coming stellar event adds to the urgency of cooperative human awakening rather than panic and further forced control. Cosmic and planetary forces contribute to the decisions that humankind makes, as all become part of restructuring the global direction of humanity. The numbers of 2020 suggest a new global foundation, and we see the seeds being sown for better or for worse. Will there be enough awakening souls to make it for the better? This month will yield important clues as to which path reigns for whom.