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Giving and Receiving Restored

Giving and Receiving Restored Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

As Mercury continues its retrograde motion in the sign of Cancer, the energies dealing with the figure-eight flow of balanced reciprocity in all interactions — with self, people, things, circumstances, and the area of Earth where you reside — become paramount in empowering unconditional love and nurturance. Without this, the support and empowered relationship with all kingdoms of the cosmos cease to exist. The universal law of giving and receiving in balance and harmony is being restored. Nothing less is possible in this portal time.

The month begins with the moon in late Scorpio, trine Neptune in Pisces, facilitating huge movement and flow. At times, this will seem to be activated from deep within the earth, as it is no longer willing to accept or tolerate its mistreatment and invasive plundering that has wiped out multitudes of species. Earth will continue to evolve with or without the partnership of the human kingdom. This is a time to go deep within the psyche and ferret out all fears, attachments, and limitations that create confusion, chaos, and dependency on outmoded frameworks that no longer encourage and support life-affirming actions of unconditional love.

Regardless of what others say or do, all humans are now fully responsible for their choices and actions and will reap the consequences of these during the coming ninety days. The outcome will determine the harmony and balanced reciprocity experienced by 2022 to 2024. Mercury remains retrograde in Cancer, which goes direct on July 12. Prior to this is an ideal time to clear physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual inner and outer flow with the self, locale, and those of like mind, heart, and spirit. This is a time of heightened sensitivity in the body, mind, and emotions, where things that have been ignored — be they relationships with people, places, or things — demand attention. Unexpected responses to situations could bring awareness of where self-control, expansion of opportunity, and destiny have been at odds with each other. To remedy the situation could require alterations in partnerships, relationships, and locales.