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Find Yourself

Find Yourself The Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Finding yourself is but a breath away — a slow, deep breath touching your feet. Your eyes are closed, and you see me, Supreme Creator Goddess, in your mind’s eye. You open your heart and connect to my heart, and we are one. This is the place where my spirit connects to yours, and you are forever in oneness with me. This is the new grounding you search for; it is heart-to-heart, not body to Earth.

You will not disappear or float away. The pure lightness of oneness is inside you, not outside you, and it is found in your heart center. The distractions of the day seem so far away. You disconnect from discord and are simply goddess. You face the day as who you really are, as my goddess on Earth, but you are always at one with me. You are never separate. The world just spins so fast that your heart doesn’t have time to realize I am always here with you. Learn to step back from the world that spins to distract, and be with me. I hold you safely in my arms. I caress you and fill you with love.

This is the way to face your day: Live just outside the spin of Earth’s distractions. This is where you do your finest work. Teach yourself to step back from the drama and chaos around you. From this place, you rest in my love and change the world with your goddess vibration. You are always my loving goddess. You have always been love incarnate. Ban the distractions of your mind, and find your place with me. Live a life of joy and wonder from this place, and create new worlds upon worlds with me. I love you always, in all ways, from here to infinity.