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Fight Spiritually for Your Truth

Fight Spiritually for Your Truth Chief Geronimo through Star Hinman

This is a time of great learning on Earth, and there are many voices talking. Many are confused or led into darkness and hatred. Do not be led like a lamb to the slaughter. Be a warrior, and think for yourself. I was a great warrior for my people when I was on Earth. I am still a warrior and spirit guide for many of you, my people on Earth.

The tides of emotional intensity are running high in your world. Many people are choosing to participate in this, whether or not it is beneficial to them. They have become like the lemmings who were swept into the sea — a great gathering of beings unconscious of the results of their actions — each one led by the others. This is not the way of the warrior.

Warriors learn to think for themselves. They determine what the situation is and how they will choose to respond to it, from a position of intelligence and power. They do not blindly and mindlessly follow the herd or react to others on the basis of what others may be thinking or feeling. The warrior is strategic, observing the entire situation carefully and in great detail. Then, and only then, can you make up your own mind about your plan of action based on the truth of the situation.