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Engage the Flow of Timeless Attunement

Engage the Flow of Timeless Attunement Ascended Masters of Lake Atitlan through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

We are here today to share with you about a perception: time. It has become many different things: a hero and an enemy, a friend and a warrior. Perhaps we have jumped in to share about time so quickly because to be in time is to feel the essence of all your energies slipping through your fingers.

Time creates the greatest illusion of all in your world of creation, beloved ones. Many of your great books chronicle time. You chronicle many of your experiences according to time. You express this as, “How much time did it take? Is it my time? Is it their time? Is there enough time? When is there time?” Time!

As we gaze and connect with all of you, oftentimes your energy field emits what you would recognize as a clock in your head. It chronicles all your events and all your movements. Along with the chronicling of all time, there is the handcuff of time. Time can be like handcuffs — one cuff on your wrist and one cuff on the clock. We invite you to open your mind to know that time is beyond that which you choose to experience.