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Energy Dialogue

Energy Dialogue Ellen Meredith

Energy dialogue is at the heart of successful energy medicine. It quite simply involves being able to get the messages from your body, spirit, and mind and to respond in their idiom — using movement, gesture, light, sound, vibration, imagery, interaction with energy flows, actions, placement in an environment, and more. This is the vocabulary of the language of energy.

The goal of energy dialogue is to participate moment by moment in the ongoing energy communications within you. It is not something to use just when you are sick. It is a practice that allows you to bring your body’s rhythms and expressions, your conscious understanding, and your behaviors into collaboration, creating your spirit’s truest embodiment. Once you can participate in energy dialogue, you have the basis for activating and supporting your body’s natural ability to heal.

You use energy dialogue much as you use any language. As you proceed through your day, consider all the ways you use language to think or speak. First, there are the monologues and imagined conversations going on in your head. Perhaps you listen to the radio as you get ready for work. You might have conversations with family members or talk to yourself in the mirror. You might interact with the neighbor on your way out the door and so on. All of this is natural. You probably don’t have to stop and formulate sentences, look up words in a dictionary, do fifteen minutes of language exercises, or struggle to find the right tone of voice or emphasis as you joke, question, respond, or inform.