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Dare to Be Fulfilled

Dare to Be Fulfilled Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings to you, wonderful beings. Yes, you are going through a challenging time, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are who you are. Let’s talk about that a little, shall we? Oh, I don’t mean let’s talk about the challenging times. I believe there is enough talk about all that, not to diminish the difficulties or tragedies. I’d like to talk about who you are. And, no, this isn’t the same-old talk about you being a divine being, because of course you are.

I’d like to talk about the vehicle through which your human nature journeys in this lifetime. There you are, the divine essence, sitting and residing in the human nature inside your body-physical. You breathe forth your wondrous essence to assist the journey to be as fulfilling as it can be. But the human has developed a persona, the “me” the human identifies with.

That’s natural; it’s what everyone does from the very beginning. That is, you develop your human persona. As you get older and become more awake, you begin to recognize that old ways and perhaps old beliefs don’t seem to fit any more. You begin to search or explore the beliefs of others. Why? Because your human and its persona want to be part of something. The persona wants to be part of the whole, but it also wants to be individualized as something special.