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Consciousness, Thought, and Manifestation

Consciousness, Thought, and Manifestation Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, this is Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Consciousness is the ability to observe yourself. Like language, it is possessed only by humans — the Adam species on this planet. Consciousness does not only exist on the third dimension; it is interdimensional and even extradimensional. If you could dissect the brain and look at different cells, neurons, dendrites, and so on, you could not find consciousness. Consciousness needs the brain, but it also transcends the brain. This leads to interesting concepts such as quantum consciousness, quantum healing, and quantum entanglement.

“Quantum” is usually used in modern physics in reference to subatomic particles and how they behave, and “the quantum world” refers to the actions of subatomic particles. There has been criticism from the mystical world — which I think includes you, the starseeds, since you interact with the first dimension and the Arcturians. Terminology from modern physics is often used in an attempt to describe very complicated and hard to define mystical concepts. My answer to the criticism is simple: There is no other readily available terminology to describe the functioning of consciousness. This is because the brain and consciousness transcend the third dimension. The closest terminology available originates in modern physics and discussions of the quantum world.

Modern physicists often do not like the fact that mystics are using terminology that was not meant for describing higher consciousness. I am always trying to point out that there needs to be a coming together of science and mysticism, science and philosophy, and science and the first dimension.