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Change Is the Way Forward

Change Is the Way Forward Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Therese: I see a garden trellis covered in roses. Standing at the garden gate is beloved Quan Yin, her glorious presence of light, love, and truth emanating for all to behold.

Quan Yin: Compassion will support you. Welcome, children of the light. It is with love and compassion that I come to each of you this day. I ask you to trust that the world is being flooded with the highest light, love, and truth at this moment in time. Each of you is being supported by an entourage of angelic beings who hold for you the light of your divinity. You are asked to remember that you are eternal light and that even in death your light continues to shine in perpetuity.

You find yourselves in changing times in which the energy on the planet is being reset, and you might feel as if the ground below is shifting and fluctuating. To support you in these times, call on the energy of compassion. Allow compassion to flow to your heart like the first rays of sunlight flooding a summer meadow. Drink in the sweet energy of compassion, and let it weave its miraculous energy throughout your whole being. Like a plant that soaks in the rain on a summer day, allow the vitality of compassion to rejuvenate and refresh your body, mind, and soul.