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Your True Spiritual Inner Essences Sign

Your True Spiritual Inner Essences Sign Aleph through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Mercy. You are in an expansion of consciousness now, entities. You are basically finding out where consciousness went wrong and are developing a sense of identification of who you are. I’m going to give you a clue: You are all well aware of what your birthday is within the astrological sidereal signs (sidereal uses the Earth’s location from the Sun and the stars that make up the zodiac signs). Some of you are aware of your moon sign, the houses that the planets are in, your ascendant, and so on. It is very fundamental.

Nine months before your birth is your true spiritual essence sign, the identification of your true self. Look it up. When you’re honest with yourself, you will recognize that that’s the spiritual divine force inhabiting the body and trying to educate the body with wisdom. This divine force has as a spirit force in the continuity of consciousness and the divine self. It gets very technical, if you want to talk like that. But nine months before you were born physically, you were involved in the conception of yourself. You proved your dominance by creating your gender. The conditions for your birth were met, and you allowed it to happen.

Your true essence is coming forth, and you’re going to have to identify with it. Your true essence knows what it is doing. It will have the acceptance and the recognition within the safety of the pleasure principle in the brain. There is a safety principle in the brain. There is also a panic principle that comes out of the thoracic region of your chest that is governed by fear and “those kinds of things,” as you beings like to say. Say, “Peace to all beings. Mercy,” when you feel any fear. Say, “Peace to all beings,” and then cogitate (think deeply about something, meditate, or reflect) moments of peace.