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Your Spiritual Excuses

Your Spiritual Excuses Aeszia through Ingrid Auer

We angels watch you very closely, as it is our task to be by your side and guide and support you. We know that, despite your honest efforts, you sometimes deceive yourself when it comes to understanding and interpreting the learning tasks behind situations.

Although most of you were born into this present live — and past lives — as highly developed souls, you have (so to speak) wrapped yourself in a veil of forgetfulness. You did this to enable yourself to find your way in duality and to cope with the learning tasks you have chosen. This means your divine wisdom is buried deep in order to experience and develop on this human level.

For some years now, you have been remembering who you really are. Because of the great transformation process and the vibrational elevation on Earth, the veil of forgetfulness has become thinner and thinner. For the first time, you recognize connections between the earthly and spiritual levels beyond duality. You are learning to understand your life from both a human and spiritual point of view.