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Witness Others through Eyes of Compassion

Witness Others through Eyes of Compassion Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Star: It is Lady Portia’s stated goal to teach us compassion by example. She speaks to humanity often to soften our hearts and bring a greater understanding in the ways of the heart. Of course, she is not necessarily speaking of romantic love. As she says, she considers it more important that we see our fellow human beings, with all our misdeeds and frailties, through the eyes of compassion. The first step in this process is learning to have compassion and love for ourselves.

Lady Portia: You cannot extend to another that which has not been learned, through patience and practice, in your own hearts. When you have learned this, then you will truly know each other by looking through the eyes of the heart. Dearest ones, do not judge what you do not truly understand, for who among you knows the inner hearts of others? None of you are able to see each other as we in the higher realms see you — full of love and grace, even when outer activities do not reflect this truth. Observe with compassion what you see among your fellow human beings, for truly you do not know the paths they have walked, including all their challenges and stumbling blocks.

Know that I say this to you with love and the total understanding of what it means to incarnate on such a planet as Earth, where there is both good and evil. If it is possible for you to do so, overlook the evil and see the good, because all evil shall soon pass from Earth and be no more. Until that time, remember my words and the love in my heart for each of you.